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  • Is it possible in Construct 2, or would it be asking for too much as a feature request?

    Right now when we load a Construct 2 game, we load the entire HTML5 page before we start playing. If we make a game with large world and a lot of image files, that's going to take a long time to load. If images can be loaded on demand (eg. where the camera is showing, plus a margin beyond), it would be possible to have a large world without either split the game up, takes too long to load, or having to shrink the game.

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  • Image compression in C2 and making sure the imported texture is the same as displayed size (don't import 2000X2000 images that you then shrink to 128X128 in the layout, make them directly in 128X128) will allow you to reduce the size of your project (Png 8 bits does wonders).

    A better control on loading assets is on the todo list, and the todo list is endless ^^

  • Indeed I can (or can't, either) imagine the todo list reaching the size of the cosmos, so I don't want to sound demanding about it XD

    Thanks for the type Kyatric. I hear from HBGames that there is a plugin for saving data into cookies as well. Would that assist games with a lot of image resources in any way?

  • Not really.

    Webstorage is more about string type of datas.

    You can use it to store the progression in a game, store values about the player that you will to keep consistantly between two times he might launch the game/close the tab/open it again, etc...

    In my game Drop Da Piew I used it to store the levels/scores/configuration options...

    A PNG 8-bit compression on most textures will keep alpha channels (transparency), keep the quality and still majorly reduce the size of the images.

    And if their original size is adapted to their display size you won't use more size than necessary.

  • Thanks again Kyatric. PNG 8-bit compression sounds exactly like what I need then, and it's good to hear that the alpha channel remains.

    Good to know about Webstorage though, it's going to come in handy!

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