Offset for pathfinding grid?

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  • The (relatively) new path-finding behaviour is great, but I had one small request:

    Ashley : Would it be possible to add offset values for the positioning of the grid relative to the top and left of the layout?

    In a game I'm working on my map is made up of a grid of fairly large square objects -- this means that I could set the cell size of the path-finding behaviour to the same size as those objects and get very accurate path-finding with good performance... except that thanks to the game's UI elements a grid set to the exact size of the objects doesn't match up with the position of said objects -- this could be fixed if I could specify that the grid should be offset from the top and left sides of the layout to compensate for the UI elements.

    As a side-note the same thing would be useful for the "layout grid"'s "snap to grid" option.

  • This is an issue in my game as well. Good suggestion.

  • Any official response? Ashley?

  • I'm having the same problem. Has anyone been able to figure this out yet?

  • Ashley

    Offset for path-finding grid would be very helpful, especially for board games.

  • +1 from me, i miss this feature very much, actually

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  • after 2 years, still no update regarding this offset? damn I need solution so path finding could run only on specific region of layout because my game layout is kinda big

  • Hello;

    Can't the Regenerate Region action do this?

    If you have an offset board area you could also underlay it with an object and use Regenerate Region Around Object.



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