Offline web apps do not work properely?

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  • I have exported my game to my dropbox, copied the public link, emailed it to myself, and then opened the link on my ipod touch 5g with ios 8. In safari in runs amazing, then I bookmarked it to the home page. Music doesn't work on the saved bookmark app thing now, but it still runs fine. So, cool right?

    I read that construct 2 can make games work offline, without an internet connection. So I turn off wifi and test it. And, it says it cannot connect to the server. Severely frustrated at this because I don't know why it doesn't work, is it because the files are too large? My game came out to be around 70mb, and about 90% of that is due to the media files. Why doesn't this work offline?

    EDIT: I have an update, now it does work offline, but there is no sound whatsoever. Is there a reason for this? Is there any way I can keep the audio?

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  • I think this is a safari specific bug (not the first time I heard about issues with audio and offline for safari I think).

    Sorry for not being very helpful.

  • not just a safari issue not on google either or internet explorer, I have the same issue no sound shame

  • Ezubby

    That thread is nearly a year old, and is unlikely to be relevant to your situation.

    It would be better if you posted your own query in the 'How Do I' section, preferably with a small ,capx or url link, highlighting your problem, so you can get a better, more helpful response.

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