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  • I'm wondering if anyone else has been using the new official sprite font in their projects and noticed a significant difference in creation speed on iOS versus Android (via CocoonJS)?

    As an example, loading a layout that draws 40 words to the screen (each word being a separate instance of the sprite font) takes about 1.5 seconds on a Galaxy 2 10.1. The exact same operation takes 6 seconds on iPad 2. This is very surprising considering the iPad is faster than the Android tablet in pretty much every other way (even outside my app).

    Not surprisingly, the layout loads instantly on the PC.

    One more detail to include.. On CocoonJS 1.3, the creation speed was just as slow on the Galaxy tablet as it was on iPad. When 1.4 came out for Android, we saw a great improvement in sprite font creation speed and were excited to have iOS see the same improvement. Unfortunately, there was no change when we updated the iOS version to 1.4.

    I understand this may be a question for ludei, but I wanted to ask here as well.


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