Does Official Construct 2 Google Play Plugin Still Work?

  • Hello everyone, have you ever tried using Construct 2 official Google Play plugin in your android devices in this past months? does it still works? if yes, how to make it works?

    thank you very much

  • I've tried it yesterday,I added my game as web app on developer console and I filled up things like client id,app id in construct 2 and I installed the game to my phone.

    I guess i did everyting rigt but it didn't worked. when it's time to sign in it gave an error: disallowed_useragent

    I don't know how to fix this. If you found a way can you please help me?

  • sadly I still haven't any idea for these one, Cocoon plugin also donot working supposedly.

  • Yes, I also tried cocoon plugin, it's not worked. They aren't logging in.

    Isn't there anybody who is using Google play game services with construct 2?

  • I'm interested in this as I've been trying to get the same answer for a few months.

    I have an endless style game in C2 which is pretty much ready to publish if I can add google play high score / services.

    update 04/01/2018


    I've seen we've all been posting for this over the last 6 months.

    Please hit me up on discord or skype as I managed to get a couple of ways working.

    I've managed to get it logged in and leader boards / achievements showing.

    I am using C2 and building with Cordova CLI

    (I am on discord as Mayfly and skype as mayfly118)

  • Need 4 digits code for your discord name, what should it be Mayfly ?

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  • Yeah, tag needed for sending request. What is it?

  • #4391 :)

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