Objects from one layout, showing up in others?

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  • I have a strange issue, where an object from 1 layout will show up in another. Keep in mind, this object isn't ever spawned or anything like that on any layout. It's simply an environmental asset, that's a bush, with a solid behavior.

    So sometimes, not all the time this bush will show up inside another layout. I have 2 layouts, and outside layout and indoor layout, and this bush is not present AT ALL in the indoor layout. The outside layout also has a number of different assets, trees, bricks etc. However, if I'm outside, and I go inside and to the indoor layout, sometimes this bush will randomly be there.

    Anyone else ever seen anything like this?

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  • Give it a try the option "Clear Background".

  • is the "bush" sprite a global instance?? check if the you dont have it as "global"

    another way around is to destroy every copy of the bush when layout 2 starts...

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