11 objects and 40 fps, state cpu utilization 58% and 9.8 web

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  • Hi,

    I'm making a game and try the debugger does not rise above 40fps, I'm forcing every object to go to 60, but slows down and is no more than 40. I have tried in various mobile devices and I get that error and not as correct.

    Can somebody help me?


  • No one could really help you without seeing your capx or at least knowing how big your objects animations are, image sizes, image count, and number of events in your game etc.

    Have you carefully followed the guidelines for keeping your project optimized for best performance?



  • the images are no larger than 100x100px , I have many events ( 2 sprite and not all ) if I have been very careful when you follow all the guidelines set , just try dt and has improved somewhat in the devices I 'm trying and do not know if there is any way to improve it more .


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  • Note the debugger has a performance overhead itself, because it processes and displays large amounts of data. So for performance testing, you should use non-debug mode. However again nobody will be able to help you much unless you share your .capx.

  • And I tried it on multiple devices and all looks good , only one mistake and has given me I have given to the problem of chance.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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