Objects disappear when moved to another (visible) layer?

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  • Hi. I am working on a multiplayer game and added some "move to layer" actions to the common group (peer+host). But as soon as I move them to the layers the objects disappear. The layers are set to Visible and other objects on these layers can be seen. And if I disable the "move to layer" actions it works fine. Any ideas why they disappear if I move them to a layer?

    /Update: oops! I think I found the problem. The Layer#4 has 0,0 Parallax for the UI and all other layers have 100,100 (Default). When I set the UI Layer to 100,100 its working.

    So for moving UI Elements above players it seems I need another extra layer with the same parallax setting as the player object.

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  • You are correct, sir! and this post has a clever workaround, if you want to move between layers with different parallax:

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