Object Visible Radio Check Box or similar??

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  • Hey there..I dont know if its just me but I often find it labor intensive to position objects in the layout due ot it being covered by others on the same layer...Unless I am putting foot in mouth There doesnt seem to be an easier way to make objects in the layout view transparent without of course changing the Opacity to 0 ..which is great and all but if you have lots of objects on a layer...ARRRRKJJA!!!

    It is possible to use Millions of layers of course..but arrrrkrkkk!!!

    Could I Suggest a simple addition ?

    In addition to the Layers Visibility toggle box could we get a little box for each Object as well More like Photoshop is arranged..?

    Something like this image I created in photoshop for you to look at..

    I think this would really be a feature and help designers alot!!

    <img src="http://s9.postimage.org/v69dopzen/Object_Visibility_Locked_Checkbox_idea.jpg" border="0" />

    Best wishes


  • Any one else agree this would help or is it just me...managing HUGE projects? Please bump if you think it would help

    Or the ability to select objects individually by z order...somehow..like Photoshop does when you use the select tool..

    If there are multiple objects under the mouse pointer when you click it shows a list of the Objects and you can select which ever one you like,,,Unless I am confused it seems that you can only do this via the Project tab or your objects Tab if you organize it the right way..which would mean by z order or layer and not Groups or object types as I tend to..

    Any Ideas?

  • Unless I am putting foot in mouth There doesnt seem to be an easier way to make objects in the layout view transparent without of course changing the Opacity to 0

    In the layers bar, unchecking the checkbox on left of a layer name hides totally the layer in the editor. So it does hide the objects and make them impossible to be clicked.

    <center><img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36472942/construct/forum-misc/LayerDisplay.PNG" border="0">

    <img src="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/36472942/construct/forum-misc/LayerHide.PNG" border="0"></center>

    In addition with the layer lock, it pretty much does the job, doesn't it ?

  • Hmm yes and NO ..I am aware of that ...Specifically I am after an Object by object Radio check BTN...alot like PHOTOSHOP has..

    (I am not praising or selling PS here at all, but it does have many features that really make layers and selection simple...)

    Such as a right click exposes every object by name in a list for you to select etc..not to mention that you can SEE every object within a layer on the Layer Tab..Does that make sense..Check Photoshop layers if you are confused...

    Photoshop is simple to use because of this feature..and it was only implemented a few revisions ago..PS 3 I think

    Even though it has a layers check box...each object also has a check box for its visibility...This is sorely needed I think...

    I hope I am making sense...Its a Crucial part of Photoshops layers tab and after 15 odd years of using it..you get used to it being around....It really makes sorting objects alot easier...

    What I mean is...I have sometimes 30+ layers in my projects each with around 30 to 50 instances of about 12 separate objects...All with animations etc...many times they are overlapping...The layers Tab VIS check box is Handy but I think a per object VIS Check box would really help..Does that make sense...

    I know that you can have unlimited layers ....but when you are dealing with the sheer numbers of objects in my layouts...

    Many times it just is far too difficult to pick a single object from the possible dozens that may be overlapped...

    Kyatric, I understand your example and its perfect for a 2 object game...(never seen it in my life except perhaps hoppo bumpo)

    But thats it... You are illustrating ONLY 2 objects within 2 separate layers...

    That is not a professionals game layout in any sense that I know of..

    Been making games for years..and a 2 object game on 2 layers is like adam and eve in a empty sand box...it just doesnt happen..(would love to be proven wrong here)

    I am talking about over a hundred objects to pick and sort from and separate layers as well..get me..?

    its a long way from the example of 2 objects...

    Quoting me out of context Kyatric does not answer my question....

    If you read it properly you would see that I already answered your answer myself...before you re-posted it....


    I am talking about Per object visibility radio check boxes....

    NO...I don't think that locking individual objects needs to be done as this can also be done with The Pin behavior on any level or between layers..

    So Just an individual Check box for each object in its properties would help a little but mainly what is needed is a way to select Individual objects WITHIN a layer without having to sort through your Projects folders...

    As any Dev knows, all manner of objects are pulled from any folder ..Keeping track of them is hard...but SPECIFICALLY....being able to select or pick     (NO! not the PICK function) an object under the mouse cursor from a list is very handy...See Photoshop Layers Tab...There is a reason why every object can be picked and SEEN within the Layers TAB itself not just in the Layout view...In photo shop layers also have groups...so you can bunch objects together..Visibly in new folders within folders much like the Project view lets you..but Photo shop also lets you do that function within the layers tab itself...very handy..saves hours of time....!

  • I guess what I am saying is An expandable Layers Tab with some advanced features would be great...something like this image would be AMAZING!!!and save so much development clicking and picking!

    This is a fairly typical Photoshop doc for a layout level...Possibly a hundred or so layers with sub groups and overlays....

    High end graphics need lots of layers..if you are making them from scratch...

    same with games...

    The more detail and FX you have the more control you need when manipulating them in the creator..

    <img src="http://s8.postimage.org/48qkv16jp/What_I_mean_is.jpg" border="0" />

  • Yes and I could always call a POSITION function at layout start for each damn object but that defeats the purpose of a visual editor no?

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  • Is there any way we could get this feature into the editor..It would really help for large projects...Dont you think?

  • oh yeah i agree, its a pain without

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