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  • Just another humble post by me.

    I have a suggestion for the next release of Construct 2: Object "Groups".

    Object groups would be something like a variable, you call it once, define what sprites or other objects are in it, and name it. These groups would only be used in the event editor. What a group would be is just a group of objects which can be coded and interacted with as one.

    For example, you have 3 different sprites which all look different and have their own events programmed into them (like special attacks and such). But there are some events (such as collision for instance) that they all do the same thing (e.g die). You would put these sprites in a group, name it ("monsters" perhaps), and then add a new event with the group Monsters just as you would add any other kind of event to an object (e.g Monsters on Collision with Bullet -> Destroy Monsters). Of course, it wouldn't destroy everything in the group, it would destroy just the current monster.

    If you dont get what I mean, just ask.

    If this is already implemented and I dont know about it, please send me to a decent tutorial.


  • This sounds like the Families feature from Classic, and we're hoping to implement it soon!

  • Great Ashley! You guys are always 2 steps ahead of me :)

    That'll really cut down on code and time!

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  • Yeah, I'm waiting for this to start my game. Also, I'd like to know if I start it now, will it be compatible later? Like when the EXE exporter comes around?

  • Yep, the EXE exporter should support all core features (but maybe not all plugins).

  • Yep, the EXE exporter should support all core features (but maybe not all plugins).

    Cool! I'm guessing you mean plugins having to do with HTML5 and web apps., right? An EXE wouldn't have much use for some of these, I suppose.

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