Object positions offset when previewing on cacconjs-canvas

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  • Hello all,

    So i have a ragdoll type character in my game whose body parts(legs,hands,feet etc etc.) are all attached to their respective neighbor parts via revolute joints(physics behavior). Now when i previewed my game over lan with the cacoonjs app on android, some of the body parts were higher in position( Y value ) than they were supposed to be. They are not in the same position as i had placed them on the layout or as it shows when previewing on desktop.

    This is not for all the body parts, the left leg of the char is noticeably higher than the right leg and both shoulders are also higher up the body making it look kinda weird. I have put an 'on start of layout' event that places the body parts in their desired positions but it still gets offset.

    Is this a bug?

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