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  • Hello All! I am working through the Ghost Shooter and have finished the tutorial but am looking to add more functionality. I downloaded the completed version that is linked at the end of the tutorial and am having an issue, there is a behavior on the Monster object when it's health is equal or below zero. A system action that adds Monster.Movement.Speed to Score. The event sheet on my own project will not recognize the Movement piece. I can type Monster. and get a list of available behaviors but Movement is not one of them. I get Angle and a bunch of others. But not movement. So I cannot get the value of Monster.Movement.Speed even though I can see in the properties pain that there is under Behaviors section an property for Speed.... what am I missing. Even if I try to copy the action from the finished sample, I cannot paste it into mine as it still says it is not a recognized behavior.

    Any thoughts?

  • Ok, I think I have it, the tutorial has you assign the bullet movement behavior to the monster. I believe in the final solution they did things differently and did not assign this behavior. In mine I need to access it via monster.bullet.speed instead of monster.movement.speed

    Any feedback on which one is the preferred method? How would I get it to utilize movement instead of bullet?



  • In the capx you downloaded, the "Movement" behavior is a Bullet behavior renamed to "Movement".

    (You can see it in the object's behavior dialog, it has the same icon as the Bullet one)

    I'd prefer "Bullet" as it's smaller so it's less characters to write when coding actions <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • Thanks Kyatric, that makes sense now.

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