The Object Browser with Android export not working

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  • Hi, The Object Browser with Android export not working properly. When calling an external link the application fails.

    Has it happened to anyone else?

    a greeting.

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  • Which Browser action are you using to open the external link?

    I forget the exact names, but one is called "Open link" and the other is called something like "Open link in new window". For me, the first didn't work. Only using the second one worked for me. Though, tested in Windows Phone, not Android.

  • Hi, I have the Browser Object calling an external link function correctly with android and cocoonjs.

    But when i go back the application it restart.

    it looks like the problem is not because the browser Object, it happens always you go out of the game.

    there is someone with the same problem, or better with the solution?


  • Hi, I use to go ("http://xxxxxxxx") and a new window and (go to url), neither works, the application running in the browser, it works perfectly.

  • It happens the same, the application of blocks before going to the link, use the new export ANDROID

  • as stated above, when the game is not running in a browser you can't call the open url action, you have to call the open in new window actions as that tells it to launch a browser. Otherwise there is no browser for it to open the link in.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply But because it works "open url" and not "open url in new window" the two proposals make a call to a browser.

    Know if there is any tutorial or example to know more? We seem to be missing several in this topic.

    We hope we can help and thanks again

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