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  • In the Objects window pane, we have a list of objects, but no quick reference to see what kind of behaviors, etc, are associated with them. You have to click on them and then reference the Properties window. This isn't a big, but when sorting through a LOT of objects and making edits, it can be tough to keep track of what object has what behavior or if it has an instance variable, and so on.

    <img src="https://www.sugarsync/pf/D6025908_4317202_6613196" border="0" />

    (If image doesn't show: sugarsync.com/pf/D6025908_4317202_6613196)

    So what if there were mini-icons in the selection bubble (when an object is highlighted) identifying what behaviors or other properties it had?

    <img src="https://www.sugarsync/pf/D6025908_4317202_6613258" border="0" />

    (If image doesn't show: sugarsync.com/pf/D6025908_4317202_6613258)

    This, I think, could help a LOT with debugging and figuring out what objects have what options during the process of development. And let's face it, sometimes we can forget and not think that maybe another object is cause the problem that might not otherwise seem to matter. That's been true in my experience so far.

    So everything from behaviors to instance variables to effects. All with quick mini-icon references.

    Ashley, do you guys think?

  • We have a huge todo list, and I think this falls under more of a niche feature. So I could add it to the todo list, but I think there are more important things that would take priority for a long time.

  • Ashley - That's fine. :) I didn't think it would be a critical feature; just a helpful visual reference. Thanks!

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  • Or make a dockable behavior window, and when docked it's live to whichever object is selected. You could switch it off when not working with behaviors.

    Edit: not suggesting it be moved up the list, I was just offering what sounded like a solution that may already have code in place.

  • Paradox - A VERY good amendment to my idea. :D

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