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  • Hello everyone,

    Thought I'd give a heads up on my recent experience and issue with C2 nwjs export and the overall importance of the nwjs version. My game (Sand is the soul) is pretty big, but up until 2018 ran flawlessly on desktops, even older ones (ie with a GTX 260) in hiresmode. After purchasing the Steam4C2 plugin and installing it in early january, I upgraded nwjs to 027 to correspond with the latest Steam4C2 version. My workstation(surface pro) is mainly for working, yet it is strong enough to test the game perfectly in lowres mode. And everything was fine, until I did an export to record materials in hires mode on my desktop. And that's when the trouble started.

    The game would start getting micro stuttering, refresh issues a few minutes in. They wouldn't be that distracting though and the game would mostly still keep a fluid framerate. But after 10-20 minutes certain scenes/layouts would verge on unplayable. There would be massive slowdown, stuttering issues (not limited to, but usually on events related with timescale and custom made dynamic zoom to the layout scale-both of with were working fine before ). So I checked through all the updates I added over the month (which was quite a bit due to a pretty intense crunch) and started making test builds to rule the issue out...

    I tried:

    -trimming the project of unused assets(deleting over 200mb), lowering the estimated RAM by circa 150

    -removing the Steam4c2 plugin and all associated files

    -removing all options added to the project since 2018 and related logic

    and the problem still persisted. Lastly I reverted back to nwjs 015 and it seems to be back to normal. Granted, I tested it for only about 20 minutes, but in this time the previous builds would have already started acting out.

    So summing up: if your game has been previously working fine and have recently come across issues with your nwjs export, I'd recommend first trying to revert to your previously tested and verfified version of nwjs.

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