NW.js windows export not working on certain peoples PC's

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  • I have the game on steam and have people where the game doesn't run on windows.

    I'm a bit stumped because all the wide range of PC's I have tested the game runs fine.

    These are the specs of the people who can't run it:

    intel i5-4690

    radeon r9 390 8gb

    2x8gb corsair vengeance 1600

    win7 64 bit

    win 10 64 bit

    12gb ram

    AMD R9 380X 4gb ram

    Intel I5 3.1ghz

    I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem? And any possible fixes might help.

  • what kind of issues ? blackscreen? whitescreen? JS error?

  • Ah that is a very good question.

    Ok Using their own words:

    "Hit play starts says running then stops. ? Tried changing compat. settings no change. Using Win 10 AMD R9 380 4g card."

    "I get the loading circle at my mouse for about 5 seconds and nothing happens. I see the .exe running in task manager at processes but not at applications. Longer periods of waiting doesn't change anything.


    " it just loads for about 3-4sec and nothing after.

    Clicking .exe does exactly the same thing as when using steam to start.

    Eternalstep.exe is a 7.7k big process in my taskmanager after starting."

  • Which version of NWjs ?

    32 or 64 bit?

    Have they run the Direct X setup ?

  • which version of nw.js did you use? and which chromium arg did you use in package.json?

    Direct X is installed?

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  • As far as I have asked they have done the dx setup and it will be the 64 bit version of the export.

    in terms of nw.js I have done nothing more than download the latest nw.js for construct 2 and exported with single instance, window frame and resizable window ticked.

    I have not changed nw.js in any other way.

  • I don't see where they said they already installed the directxsetup in your app folder


  • I have had a few personal messages with someone we sent a non steam build to with the same problem recently. I asked a few other things to test such as installing the dx and sending over both 32/64 bit version of the game but got the same error still.

    I've asked those two to double check the installing though because I forgot I had missed them out with the installing the dx.

    (Edited to be a bit more legible.)

  • Have they all ATI cards ?

  • Yes they are all ATI cards, R9 specifically too.

  • My setups have R9 280X and 290X as well and I've not had an issue with NW.js exports running.

    I use NW10.5 for Steam.

  • ATI R9 3xx series cards had a problem with directx9 some time ago, maybe the last driver broke something...

    some ATI had issues with nw.js but on linux/ubuntu

  • Use the NW.js action "show dev tools" and make it available through some hidden keyboard shortcut or something. This will bring up the browser error console (just like Chrome's) where it will log any errors if they happen in Javascript, and may help shed some light on it.

    Also it could be a graphics driver issue, so updating drivers may help. Note Windows NW.js exports by default ignore the GPU blacklist (the --ignore-gpu-blacklist option in package.json), which means even if the drivers are known to be buggy it will still use GPU acceleration instead of falling back to a software renderer. Removing the option will allow the game to fall back to software rendering on known buggy drivers/hardware, which means it will be slow, but work, which is better than fast and doesn't work at all.

  • Thanks for the replies. I'll give them a go and see what happens when they get into contact with me.

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