NW.js v0.13.0 alpha 6 local storage saving.

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  • It runs my game now but my save files are gone on export. (can't use this because my games already released.)

    I use the local storage And just add the global variable information to a file. Is there any way to make my old saves work?

    Edit: so I noticed that saves have moved from:

    C:\Users\Sapphire Dragon\AppData\Local\EternalStep\Local Storage


    C:\Users\Sapphire Dragon\AppData\Local\EternalStep\User Data\Default\Local Storage

    and if I move them there then change the name form:




    I can get it working.

    Any way to get C2 to use the old destination and name?

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  • Try adding the the args --data_path="" to set a folder for storage, or the user data path args.

    See if it works.

  • Is this in the chromium args in the package.lson and just adding the link to the local storage folder?

    I tried doing it that way and got:

    Failed to load extension from:(path) manifest is not a valid JSON on starting the game

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