nw.js not closing or starting correctly

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  • I tried v14 rc3 a few days ago and found that the old not closing bug was back, so I created and submitted a bug report to the nw.js github here a few days ago. Version 14 rc3 appears to be unavailable now - I am hopeful that this will help fix the problem. I would appreciate more experienced eyes on this just in case there's more that can be done to help them fix this that I might have missed.

  • Some people have been having trouble with NW and Avast Anti-Virus, do you use that?

  • No - I don't think it's to do with antivirus.

  • Ok, well I was the one who came up with the workaround and as far as I know it was working up until the v14 upgrades. In that case I think the problem is that the way I referred to the NW gui in the workaround script has been changed/deprecated in the newer versions. Should be a simple fix, someone who knows Javascript (like Ashley) just has to rewrite my simple script's syntax to fit the new requirements.

  • The symptoms I had was first start was OK, thereafter the preview/export would start to a background process unless the User/AppData/Game folder was deleted. I thought the antivirus bug was just a false positive preventing start?

  • I just saw your comment in the closed bugs section, Quicksand - you could be right that the work around in this beta is the cause of this problem. Well, the original bug not being fixed is the real cause, but you know what I mean .

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  • I thought the antivirus bug was just a false positive preventing start?

    True. Preventing start and even installing. This is a seperate issue.

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