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  • Ok, so I wanted to see if anyone ran into this issue. I made a application that is a pretty simple reference tool that links to various sites. If I export it was a HTML, the program will run fine, however I wanted to make this a NW.js file.

    The issue with this is, if I export it with a "Window Frame" the program will crash pretty consistently once a user clicks any of the links. Sometimes you can click a single link successfully, but never more than 2. After opening a link or 2 the entire program closes out. No error messages or indication as to why as far as I can see.

    I tried playing around with the settings (resizable, kiosk, minified on and off, compression from default to none) with the same results. It wasn't until I unchecked the "Window frame" that the program stopped crashing. The only issue that I have with this is, it's difficult for users to expand and navigate with this option off.

    I ran this on 2 Windows 8.1 computers, both with 8gb of memory, a gig of video memory (Intel HD), fully updated OS, drivers, Java.

    Anyone run into a similar issue? It's pretty disappointing to have this happen coming back to this program. At this point I may just scrap this program and use a different editor. Thanks

  • Are you executing nw.js api script to open a default browser window, or are you using the Browser object to do it? The Browser object only works on browsers, not nw.js... See here for the api.

  • Example: duck (on clicked) Browser (open new window) go to http://www.somewebsite.com

    Preview browser (default, Chrome, Firefox)

    Export to: NW.js

  • Preview browser has to be NW.js also.

    You need to download and install NW.js from HERE


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  • I will give that a try, thank you

  • Well I tried it and having the exact same issue(s) across multiple systems. Thanks, but I'm going to just move this project to something else.

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