[NW 0.13] Problem with name of files

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  • Hello and sorry if the question seem to be evident... But with the 0.13+ version of NW my exports have not the name of my game, I want to sell my game and I think for the user it's not simply to recognize the files (I will make a setup but not for MAC and Linux for example...), can I rename the EXE (and other app files) without have problems ? After export they are all named NW .

    Thank by advance.


  • Oh I noticed this and forgot to say about it.

    When you do rename back the the project name of your choice it doesn't seem to cause any problems but it would be nice if it exported with the right name like it did in nw.js 12 and below

  • As far as I know it only causes problems with the Experimental Greenworks plugin. I don't know about the current version though.

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  • Hi all and very thank you for your reply.

    In fact I take the "risk" and i have found no problem for the moment, I rename the win32+64 exe, osx file have the good name, and Linux i do not the change for the moment I come back later on this point.

    Also, I use some third party programs like inno setup and ressources hacker to make a setup, and change the default icon of the exe files and the software make a "new" exe. for osx I make a .dmg file to help to install on MAC and... no problem for the moment, all works (I hope lol).

    I think I will contact scirra to present my game when the Windows store add it and when my site was finish but you can see the result on my actual website :


    Thank you I will update the post if any problem occure (i hope not !!!)

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