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  • I sont see it mentioned here so I just wanted to say

    that the nvidia shield android TV runs HTM5 games on chome (some sort of chomuim beta that you have to sideload sadly) real nice and smooth and the joysticks works good as well (so far only tested dpad and buttons not analogue)

    its real nice seeing construct 2 html5 output directly on browser on big TV with joypad support.

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  • There is no big audience in Shield TV that's why Scirra is also very small company with few people they don't even have exporter for PlayStation but the engine itself is very good for PC

  • they don't need to support it. they already do

    It is android, (android tv), any compatible .apk wrap should be fine.

    the tegra x1 chip and guaranteed joy pads make it super viable for more high powered games.

    but my main point was that you don't even need to wrap,

    the beta chrome browser on it works very well from my small few tests.

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