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  • Would this be viable to make multiplayer games on C2?

    Looks simple enough and it's free. Supports HTML5, so maybe there could be a plugin for it.

    Sorry if old, I searched around but didn't find anything.

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  • Seems pretty awesome! Looking forward to results.

  • Well as with any networkign code. Providing it has JS support it will work. I haven't really sat down and dug in. But there are few preliminary thoughts.

    * For C2 this would only be for Browsers, NodeWebkit and Crosswalk.

    * For C2 this would only be used for client side Peer2Peer game play.

    There is nothing wrong with P2P, but I know there are people who believe that all online gaming MUSt run through a authortive server.

    * Server will still need to be written using Java and not C2 Event VPL.

    I am however concerned with it's data transfer system. It uses a data polling on individual data rather than say state data. However as I said I haven't dug that deep into the system.

    This I think is fantastic path for P2P or if you have a Java server programmer.

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