Notice: iOS 9 breaks all audio playback

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    Please be aware that Safari on iOS 9 has a bug that leaves audio muted permanently, so you will not hear any audio in your games on iOS 9. This issue appears to have already been identified by Apple. Please help raise awareness of the issue by adding yourself to the CC list in this bug report:

    (The webkit bug tracker does not have a voting system, so to prevent a flood of comments please just add yourself to the CC list which means you'll also get email notifications when the bug is updated.)

    The good news is we have identified a workaround, and should have a beta release out shortly that includes this workaround. Note however that unless Apple fix this bug - and their track record with our previous reports is that they do not fix bugs until next year's release, so be prepared for this case - then you will need to republish all existing iOS content with the next beta release to ensure audio playback works.

    We apologise for the inconvenience with this, but we must emphasise it is a bug in iOS 9, not Construct 2. I will update this thread as we have more news.

    This bug also affects video playback, so videos won't start even in the first touch after playing. This has also been worked around for the next beta.

    r214 is now out with a workaround.

    I use the event "On any touch end" in r195 -> audio played well at times open game 1+n(n =! 0)

    Ashley I am having Audio issues with the latest Intel XDK build.

    Suddenly the Music is not playing but all other sounds effects work well. This is happening in the Emulator too. The new XDK, asks you to upgrade your project and reconnects some of the Cordova plugins. Not sure if this is messing up something in the background.

    Can you have a look please?

    You can see the effect of this in my latest Android build (link in my signature)

    SamRock - that does not sound like it is related to this thread (which is about an iOS 9 bug) - please post a report to the Bugs forum following all the guidelines if you have trouble with something else.

    Ashley, I am testing my game n iOS (iPAD) and tried your suggestions of playing Sound at "End of Touch" event. I created a separate START screen when I placed a single button. On Touch end event, I am playing a sound file.

    But this does not enable the sound inside the next game screens. Am I doing something wrong? Would be nice if you could direct to a CAPX that has implemented this process for iOS

    Thanks again for your amazing support

    SamRock - the engine now works around the issue in the original post, if you're on the latest stable or beta release of C2 then it should basically work exactly the same as it used to, but unmuting on the first touchend instead of touchstart.

    SamRock - the engine now works around the issue in the original post, if you're on the latest stable or beta release of C2 then it should basically work exactly the same as it used to, but unmuting on the first touchend instead of touchstart.

    Thanks Ashley. This is teh first time I am building for iOS. When you say "Unmute" you mean I need to call the Audio->Set no Silent

    Or Audio->Set muted ( for a tag)??

    No, you don't need to do anything. It's just that iOS starts off with audio muted, and the C2 engine automatically unmutes it for you on the first touch. The only change mentioned in this thread is that previously C2 would automatically unmute when the touch started, but since iOS 9 it's when the touch ends instead.

    Ashley, I got it to work now. And thanks for the explanation!

    Also, you can Facepalm at me on this one!

    I didnt know that was a freakingi MUTE button on Apple Devices

    Sorry this is my first experience with Apple iPad (I borrowed it to test the game).

    Only thing is, few sound are bit distorted, I guess I need to encode with higher frequency?

    Now my last issue to to fix the Orientation to start in Landscape. I tried all methods, but it still starts i Portrait mode.

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    Minemeep believes that in iOS 10 this should be fixed

    Hi SamRock, Hi All,

    SamRock, please let me know hoy did you make the sounds works on iOS (safari). I'm still working on it without success

    Does OGG files works on iOS?

    Construct 2 - r222 / iOS 9.2



    EDIT: Ok, I got IT!, for iOS, we needs file *.m4a

    Hello Guys! Grettings! sorry, I don't speak english very well.

    I am currently making a html5 game and .ogg audio .aac not work in the Safari browser. I read in this topic that is a problem of Apple, but I checked the link bug report and shows that is solved .

    I read also that this problem has been solved by various techniques for example this topic:

    but I wonder if it's the right thing to do.

    you can help me solve this problem? thanks!

    Closing this thread as people keep bumping it and the original issue is resolved, but this thread is confusing people with other unrelated audio issues. emaiengiou - please start a new thread.

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