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  • If you are building apps for Window Store, make sure the app has keyboard, mouse, and touch support!

    Just had one of our apps reviewed by the Windows Store Team. And while the navigation supports mouse and touch, it has been pulled because it does not support keyboard.

    Go figure...

  • Good to know. Thanks

  • michael

    Out of topic a bit, I'm a bit confuse about the developer fee or account. If I pay for "Individual Account" will I able to distribute my games to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 devices or store ? Or I can only distribute to Windows phone 8 devices only ? Because Individual Account cannot list desktop apps in the Windows Store.

  • tumira when you get an individual account you can sell of both the wp8 stor and windows 8+ store. what they mean by desktop apps is non modern/metro apps ... i.e firefox or stream

  • Thanks volkiller730

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  • Just a Heads-Up on this OP.

    I got a conflicting response about this from an on-line discussion with a MS rep, so I queried the Support Team and got this reply:

    MS Rep says: The app has to be usable with keyboard and mouse input in any combination. (mouse or keyboard is acceptable) or the limitations have to be disclosed in the app description page.

    So in other words mouse only is OK!

    The problem was that the mouse wasn't working on their test machine as discussed in this thread.

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