Not working AdMob banner ads in CocoonJS

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  • It seems that I'm not alone

    also thefrob has similar problem:

    • AdMob configuration OK
    • MoPub configuration OK
    • CocoonJS configuration OK
    • Construct 2 eventsheet OK

    yet no ads in app

    anyone else?

    in my situation it started over 1 month ago

  • Hi

    Mines working just fine. Make sure mopub configuration is working ok.

    I use Admob and Millenial Media.

    Both banner and fullscreen ads.

    Monster Attack

    Bobo Jump

    Are your apps approved by admob ?

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  • tumira

    "Are your apps approved by admob ?"

    on old AdMob there is no "approval", apps just shows that they

    don't get ad requests... I do everything exactly like in the past

    (working ads in CocoonJS) just this time nothing shows

  • Strange. I released Monster Attack just last week and it does work for both networks.

    -Construct R148

    -CocoonJS latest version (For android it is 1.4.4)

    -Admob and Millenial Media.

    Mind posting how you call the ads ? Try add more than one networks ads.

    How about ads refreshed ? Did you set it in mopub ?

    There is alot of possibilities about what could be wrong or missing.

  • tumira

    latest stable Construct, latest beta

    ad unit: banner 320x50, refresh interval 60

    I was working in IT company so my motto is "if something is working then don't touch it" so I always did the same. And it was working till last CocoonJS compilator update

    about C2: plain "on start of layout" show banner ad, on "end of layout" hide banner ad; of course I know that sometimes we have to wait to show banner

  • Ok. Sorry cant help you much.

  • tumira

    it's ok :)

    The biggest mistake I have made was ordering new Android tablet (old = not working screen+touch) from China... so I lost lots of time and still didn't get it, LOL.

    now I asked thefrob to check his app on CocoonJS launcher, in debug mode

  • ADS still not work for me too, so sad <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • tumira I try to play your game "Bobo Jump", and I didn't see any ADS in there. When it will show ads in your game?

  • thefrob

    Thanks for downloading it!

    I just tested it now. The ads are displayed but a bit of delayed. Maybe around 1-2 minutes and sometimes the ads not shown at all. I think it all depends on the ads inventory. For bobo jump I was using admob only so there might be no ads or delayed ads due to only one network ( I got a problem with Inmobi network)

    For fullscreen ads I did filed a bug to Ashley since the there was a bug with Construct 2 and fullscreen ads in older version. Ashley already fixed the bug in newer version after I already compiled Bobo Jump. So for Bobo Jump the fullscreen ads might just show only one time.

    Now for my next game I`ll be using Admob and Millenial Media.

  • thefrob

    Issue 1:

    Ludei says: "Currently we have no plan on including new ad networks to our platform."

    Issue 2:

    It seems that recently they changed something, so CocoonJS started sending requests

    Issue 3:

    reply from MoPub:

    "Hope all is well. To send requests to AdMob, please update the AdMob CPM for that app/ad unit under the Global Segment in the Networks tab. Help Center Article Below:

    it seems that in new UI they hide CPM, but anyway you have to put 0.01 to get banners

    in my case, in the latest compilation, it started working

  • szymek

    Thank you so much for good information, I will try to do it. <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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