Is normal for the "On Failed to Finda Path" to take so long?

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  • Hi!! see, i have some units that use pathfinding to find their way to a selected point, and the obstacle map its updated every turn for the AI and the Player (like a rpg) so sometimes a path can become closed, so i added that when the unit cant find a path, is will do something, but the action takes about 10 seconds to trigger, why? the pathfinding it self its almost instantyl triggered! but the "on failed to find path" takes 10-15 seconds to tigger, is this normal? the layout size its 3000x2500 so its not so big

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  • so i got the layout size down to 2000x1500 and it works fine....are you kidding me? is this engine intended for games? how is this possible? :/ im sorry but 3000x2500 should not be a problem

    Update: I give up, i tried cancelling manually, so it wont take 10 seconds! to fail and go back to normal, but there is not way for me to cancel the pathcalculation, so i can stop and disable the pathfinding behaviour, and enabled it again, but i wil still try to to go the same point, becuase i cant cancel the path calculation, this behaviour should have an option to cancel the pathcalculation!!!

    please help! here is the .capx

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