Noob question!

  • I'm wondering whther it is more performant this:

    Every 1 sec

    Sprite is on screen

    -----------------> Set Sprite effect "normal mapping" enabled

    Or this:

    Sprite is on screen

    Trigger Once

    -----------------> Set Sprite effect "normal mapping" enabled

    The second one does the intended effect,of course i dont need the game to set every second "normal mapping" enable, BUT, i'm unsure about the conditions: does the game checks every single DT if the sprite is on screen in second example? In that case, is it batter to let the game check once every 1 sec, so that it doesn't get cluttered with check every frame? (i got plenty of those events).

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  • as far as I know, any condition that is not a trigger (the green arrows) will be checked every tick

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