non-Programmer's common problem

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    I am a non-programmer

    I don't know anything about programs

    but now with the help of construct 2 now i can make games myself. It feels like awesome

    but most of things are there that we non-programmers can not understand, may be its only me



    expression are very hard to understand

    there are a lot of expressions I don't know what they are, and what they can do


    may be expression are easy understandable for a programmers



    I am from India and my English is not so good may be that is the reason


    i have seen too many tutorials their are lots word words that I can't understand


    for example


    what is Json

    what is string

    math expressions are totally out of my mind

    in math expression their is 'abs' expression what says calculate absolute (positive) value of a number

    what is absolute value or positive value, and how can i use it, I don't know



    i have take about 1 month to understand that what are the variables and what they can do


    when i was new in construct 2 variables makes me upset because i was not understanding

    when i got a little about variables then i saw instance variable

    i was going to give it up

    but i decided to read tutorials over tutorials

    i have read lots of tutorials related to variables

    thank GOD

    now i got what they are


    but still there are a lot of things that i have still did't get


    now i in saving game progress

    no tutorials is helping me to understand it


    there is save & load, local storage, web storage

    but i am not getting it


    i don't know how much time it will take



    Thanks to all members who answered my questions

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    -A String is just text. For example, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" is a string.

    -JSON is basically just a type of data that uses text. In C2 it's mostly used to store all the information about something to use at a later time, like an array, a dictionary, or an entire object's properties & state.

    -Absolute value is a number's distance from 0. Positive is above 0, negative is below 0. abs() is commonly used to just convert a negative number into a positive one. Like abs(-100) turns into 100.

    -Instance Variable is just a variable that belongs to an object. For example, say you make an enemy object. When you place this enemy in the a layout, it is known as an Instance. You can give the enemy a variable like "Strength", and each instance can have a different value for it.

    -Save & Load are built-in actions to save or load your gameplay. I don't use them because you can't access every bit of information that has been saved. Instead I store data in arrays or dictionaries, and save them to local storage as JSON strings. Local storage is just a way for browsers to store data for a bank of data I guess.

    Just keep reading the manual and learn from example .capx's around the forums or on the store. You'll get it eventually

    thanks for such information

    Good job on not giving up - well done. We all were new to C2 or to programming in general and we also had not much more than manuals.

    When I was starting my programming adventure, there was no Internet in my country at all, so all we had that time was an old book and a strong will to do something creative.

    Nowadays everything is extremely easy to learn (if you really want to learn) thanks to Internet. I suggest you to start with some basic knowledge of programming. That would really help you a lot.

    It is not true that you are not a programmer because you do games in C2. What you do in event sheets is actually programming. You do not code it character by character as "traditional" programming requires, but setting all events logic in event sheet is a programming actually. All regular programming languages uses "if" statements, variables, constants, functions, loops etc. this is all part of programming.

    At the beginning programmers had to operate on bits (0/1), later Assembler came in, which was already a language where you could write instructions to your CPU, later developers were happy to have human readable programming languages like C, JAVA, PHP etc.... C2 is just a next virtualisation of the same thing - programming.

    Good Luck!

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