Non Gaming Uses For Construct 2

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  • I'm new here but couldn't find anyone discussing novel uses for Construct 2 apart from making games.

    I do web design at a very basic level (I'm completely self taught so have HUGE holes in my knowledge and many things "everyone knows" are alien to me!).

    My brother wanted a website and I have been making it for him. A major part of it is an interactive timeline where a graph is displayed and the user can click on various parts of it to go to articles explaining that part.

    He has a fancy image of his graph and wanted me to make an "image map" out of it so it was more visually appealing than plain text. Image maps are simple enough, but he wanted it to be "responsive" so it would work on phones as well as tablets and desktop computers.

    I tried nearly everything I could think of, asked at web design forums, and it all came down to the same answer - image maps are subject to "Hotpoint Drift" when resized on a responsive site and will have issues when changing resolution.

    I stumbled across Construct 2 and gave it a try with this.

    Turns out it was PERFECT for the job!

    Not only does it stop hotpoint drift flawlessly on all devices and resolutions, I can have non-rectangular shapes (collision polygons) for where the rectangles used in "normal" web design for image maps would overlap due to the crazy way he laid out the image of his timeline.

    If there is a simpler way to make responsive image maps work everywhere, I never found it.

    Anybody else ever find interesting (or even boring!) non-game uses for Construct 2?

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  • Exciting right?

    Wait 'til it's time to export that project to actually make it usable outside of C2.....

  • Exciting right?

    Wait 'til it's time to export that project to actually make it usable outside of C2.....

    But it's already done and working. Tested on iPad, iPhone, Android, Desktop and Laptop computers.

    Works flawlessly on all.

    I just have to finish all the article links - it was only tested with a few of them finished. But it's enough for "Proof of Concept" and I found zero bugs in every test.

    I wouldn't post about an unproven concept without asking if it was possible,

    What issues do you foresee?

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