Is NodeWebkit's LocalStorage compatible with all PCs?

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  • Just a question about the Node Webkit export to desktop. I use HTML5 localstorage extensively in all my games, and on the browser, C2 has been flawless.

    What I don't have enough experience with yet, is the Node Webkit. While the desktop versions of my games work 100% for me, including localstorage, I'm concerned if it will work for everyone. Because there is no other way to do local saving mechanism for my desktop games other than localstorage, I don't want to have to refund a bunch of customers for whom the save feature doesnt work.

    Can anyone provide a bit more info about how C2's local storage works when it's integrated into Node Webkit? I'm interested about its usage on Windows OS. For desktop export, where on the user's machine are the localstorage values saved? Can a user's machine potentially prevent it from functioning? (like using a guest account on his laptop that has permission settings...)


  • It's funny how often this comes up. I really think the manual entry should be amended to include these details.

    If you use NW, local storage goes to the "OS:\Users\Username\AppData\Local[i]AppName\Local Storage" folder.

    I've only tested this with one game that uses local storage for a high score table, but I tested on five very different Windows-based machines and they all worked perfectly. Not once did I get a permissions popup or anything funny like that.

    Is is 100% safe to assume that it'll always work on every PC in the world? I wouldn't be able to make that claim, but I've yet to see a complaint on the forums about NW-based local storage simply not working due to anything other than mistakes by game creators themselves.

    Alternatively, there was a thread that came up recently about creating a custom file saving system, which you might want to look at if the stock options worry you.

  • Wow awesome. thank you so much for clearing it up!!

    this helps tons!

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  • (Sorry to revive this old thread) but GeometriX do you reckon there'd be a way to override where this goes to? Currently the game can't take advantage of steam cloud saving due to this issue.

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