Node webkit preview works export crashes on specific layout

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  • Hello, can anyone help me out on this?

    Node webkit preview works 100% fine for the whole of my project (many layouts)

    but when I export it crashes on one specific layout (the main game). I get this error.

    [quote:10tm3m3f]Uncaught node.js Error

    SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input

    at Object.parse (native)

    I don't understand why the preview works (it works in node webkit preview, chrome and firefox with no problems)

    it only breaks once I export it. Any ideas? Why would the previews all work, but the export not?

  • Are you using any custom plugins? Some custom plugins aren't minify compliant, and will break when exported.

    Try exporting without minification.

  • Unfortunately that's not it, even without minification it causes this error

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  • Just want to follow up, the problem is a broken Spriter file. It`s very strange as all other Spriter files seem to be working fine, but one somehow become corrupted (?) anyway, by deleting it, it exports fine. Good lesson to learn though for anyone who gets random node.js Errors on export - start by one by one deleting their spriter SCON files and see if they cause the problem.

  • Still not sure why it would work fine on preview and not export though.

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