Node-Webkit Will Not Install

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  • I started getting the error message today that Node-Webkit was not available as a preview browser. I noticed that the nw.exe was missing from the win32 folder in exporters/html5/node-webkit.

    I thought that I just needed to reinstall Construct 2 and that would solve the issue. No dice, I'm now getting this error message when I try to reinstall Construct 2:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Has anyone else come across this issue?

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  • I had the same issue in this topic.

    It was fixed by restarting my computer and reinstalling C2.

    However, I've just encountered

    this related issue again, which is a problem.

  • Your second issue is the first problem I faced, and now I'm facing the first issue. I'm trying another restart now as it still isn't letting me install C2., and I can't find any processes related to Node Webkit in task manager. Another thing I noted was that after uninstalling C2 I was left with a couple of .PAK files in the Node-WebKit folder, whilst everything else related to C2 has been uninstalled.

  • No dice for me, tried restarting 3 times now and it still won't get past the NW part of the installation. I'll have to forgo using Node-Webkit entirely til this is solved.

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