Node Webkit Mac export crashes when loading.

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  • Hi there,

    I am having trouble with the Node Webkit Mac export for my commercial game Beeswing. The game is fairly large, between 1 and 3 hours long and I believe that the game is crashing for some Mac users when loading due to all the resources loading at once (PC and Linux players seem to be ok). I have seen other users talking of a similar issue but I don't have nearly as many assets being used as they seem to.

    It seems like something that is 100 percent fixable. I am currently trying to put as many of the art assets into one animation as possible so that they are exported as sprite sheets but this is seems a very rudimentary fix.

    I feel devastated that I may have wasted a lot of time and love making this only to be knocked down at the final export.

    Post Script. I have tried using older versions of the webkit (10.5 seemingly being a favourite) as well as the alpha released recently. I have tried using stable versions of Construct 2 both 190 and 195.

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