Node webkit = high CPU usage

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  • The node webkit using significant CPU (more than 120%). I installed the new version of node webkit that I downloaded from the Scirra's website but it didn't work. How can I fix it?

    Edited: Mac I7 + VMWare

  • Really needing some help with this issue.

  • What does has the high cpu usage? An App exportet with NWjs or the installation itself?

    If it's an App do you mean the windows, macOS or Linux version, 32 or 64 Bit?

    Can you provide an example if it's a Windows-App?

  • You might want to check if any code is using most of the cpu somewhere.

    Run the game in debug layout and switch the tab to profile. That tells you what percentage of CPU is being used where.

  • Haven't seen this.

    You need to provide a lot more information - I'm not a fan of guesswork.

    Is this for all projects?

    Is it when previewing?

    Is it when running in debug?

    Confirm both the C2 version and NW.js version. Latest are both available from HERE.

  • It happens when I preview the game through C2. I have read now that has some incompatibility with node webkit and vmware. I'm checking it now. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  • I did some tests in my computer and in my iPhone using the application built in the Intel XDK.

    C2 version: 221

    Node Webkit: v0.13.0 beta 4 (Chromium 48) [Requires r217+]

    This is the result of the game running in debug mode (node webkit). Obs: This is a static menu that has no motion and uses its own event sheet.

    The same result using chrome to preview game in debug mode instead node webkit

    Other strange behaviors:


    While previewing the game in node webkit, my Mac's CPU consumes 120%. Something similar happens when the Intel XDK is building the application.


    The device getting extremely hot and the battery decreases quickly after five minutes

  • The profiler tab will tell you where that CPU time is actually being spent.

  • Ashley

    When I open the profiler tab, the fps and the cpu informations normalize gradually, but the node webkit continues consuming CPU. The same happens when I build an app in the Intel XDK.

    I forgot to say, but something wrong happens in the game when I testing in my iPhone. I've two variables to control values: one to control the current and other to control the previous amount, that the current value assumes when the player doesn't complete the mission. Some times, the previous value changes to an older value (three levels ago). It happens in different levels and there is nothing wrong in the script, because I tested the game in the preview mode and this problem doesn't occurs. This kind of behavior is possible when the iPhone processing is too high?

  • Well if the same happens on a different platform (Intel XDK), that suggests it's not NW.js using up all the CPU, but it's actually your project! Either way, it's going to be difficult to provide any more help without an example .capx.

  • Ashley

    I tested the game using NW to preview it in debug mode, and I got 63 FPS and 29% average of CPU utilisation. However, my machine reports CPU usage high (232%) and temperature sensor marks 96° C in the same time. When I'm building the app using the Intel XDK, the CPU usage increase very quickly too. I didn't test the android version, but the iOS version causes my iPhone gets too hot and drains its battery too. Not to mention the strange behaviour that had commented before, that only happens when I play in the iPhone. As I said, I read something about VMWare incompatibility with NW, but this doesn't affect anything in the Intel XDK, right? What do you suggest? Give Cocoon a try, only to compare the results or it's unnecessary?


    The 63 FPS/29% CPU utilisation shows when I check the Profiler tab. If I checked the inspector tab before, the result is other totally different as showing in the screenshots bellow:

    Edited2: It's a big issue for me: why this values decrease when I change from inspector tab to profiler tab? If I return after to inspector tab, the values increase again. Any explication for this? Thanks for support me.

  • Ashley

    Sorry to bother you with this subject again (I know you are too busy), but I really would like to understand why these values change between inspect/profiler tab. I captured two more screenshots today of the same layout just switching the tabs.

    It's important do say that it's happened both NW.js & Chrome

    Thanks in advance.

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  • The "inspect" tab has a high CPU overhead, since it tracks a lot of data. It is normal for debuggers to have a high CPU overhead. That is the only reason it changes. If you want to make performance measurements you should be on the Profiler tab anyway.

  • The "inspect" tab has a high CPU overhead, since it tracks a lot of data. It is normal for debuggers to have a high CPU overhead. That is the only reason it changes. If you want to make performance measurements you should be on the Profiler tab anyway.

    Thank you. I'll take this opportunity to thank you also for this amazing program.

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