Node webkit filling up taskmanager!?

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  • I just checked my taskmanager and discovered that it was invaded by 30+ instances of nw running and using memory.

    I'm guesing something is wrong but the question is what to do about it?

    Anyone else experiencing the sam thing?

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  • Chrome and in turn nw.js like to run in multiple instances like that. If the instances are still running after closing you game then that's a problem, but if they all close too I guess it is normal.

  • Yes they are still there after I close the game and after I close C2. Only ways to get rid of them are to shut them down manually or reboot.

  • I guess it could happen if it doesn't close correctly. So after closing them all, if you re-open your game and close it are there any still running?

    If stuff is being left behind after one run then that's bad and good. The bad is self evident. The good is it's repeatable, so it should be quicker for nw.js to fix I suppose.

  • Yeah just to chime in, I also get this. Sometimes it eats up my RAM to a point that windows gets angry and starts giving me a message to close things before the RAM is filled up. Can be about 10-20 NW.JS instances in task manager.

  • The new NWjs beta 5 does that, it cannot exit the game properly, the instance is still running.

    You need to hack it to fix that bug.

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