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  • If I run the same actions in Chrome and Node-Webkit, with regard to the Array's Download action, I get different results. In Chrome, the file saving dialog presents and I'm able to download the JSON just fine. In Node-Webkit, however, I receive no dialog, notice, blip, or anything else indicating that anything at all has happened. I've gone looking for the file and can only assume, at this point, that I will need to save this file another way.

    If I'm missing some precursory step or something in order to make the Node-Webkit be able to offer up file saving dialogs, please let me know, but if it's just a case of needing to "AsJSON" the array and save it with one of the Node-Webkit actions, I'm fine with that, I would just like for the process to be as parallel as possible to Chrome (as those are the two primary foci for my future deployments).

    Also, if I do need to manually save it through those other actions, where is the root for those files?

    Thanks much in advance for any and all assistance!

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