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  • hey guys, i have a question, is there a way to dont have the package.nw after exporting on node-webkit??

    this file includes ALL the game graphics, but i really dont like the idea of just giving away ALL the graphcis of the game right away... i wont mind that after 1 year of my game released i can release the graphics, but i would like 1 year of break time, but the way the export works right now, the graphics and assets will be all there at 100% quality for anyone...

    is there any way to hide the package.nw at least?

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  • Enigma Virtual Box handles this quite nicely, and is free. It can bundle the entire exported folder into a single, protected executable. Of course, nothing is hack-proof, but if you're worried about this sort of thing, then it's better than nothing.

  • You can also just use a command line to sum up both the .exe with the package.nw in one file, that should work., you could also use UPX since it seems to reduce the size of the executable itself afterwards, but this is a little offtopic.

    But they will still be able to acess thise files since I think they are uncompressed inside the temp folder If I believe some other sources, I did not tried Geometrix solution though, that may work better for you.

  • package.nw is simple zip file. Anyone can open it up and have access to all your assets (graphics, sounds, everything) without any effort.

    I've asked Ashley about content protection after export, but his answer was a bit like "yeah, if they want to rip your assets they will anyway"

    Enigma Virtual Box works quite well, but if your project is big you can end up with one really huge *.exe files.

  • GeometriX



    thanks a lot i will try this options and test result.

    i dont care if people hack my game, hack it and play it for free!!! but at least i want the minimum protection of the music and the art...

  • I've your same problem Lunatrap, I'll try Enigma Virtual Box, what about it? Does It's working?

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