Node-webkit export OSX app doesn't work

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  • Hi, i have exporter my app, for pc-mac-linux

    my app just play videos "webm"

    The pc version "EXE" works fine.

    But the mac version "DMG" dont work at all, do i have to make something special???

    no one can help with this? it is a solution when i export in Node-Webkit for pc and Mac???

    Pc version works perfectly but the Mac version DMG don't work at all

  • What do you mean by "doesn't work"? Can you explain exactly what happens?

    P.s. edited your title to be lowercase, since all uppercase can be considered shouting/rude online.

  • the dmg dont start at all, and it's without error messages, whe tried with 3 mac at the office, and the DMG app don't work.

  • Did you try making a simple test program to see if it works? If it does work, then it would narrow it down because you know it what is not the problem.

    If it doesn't work you could post it here for others to test and see if it works for them. If it doesn't work, they may be able to point out what is wrong.

  • How are you playing the videos? Construct 2 doesn't have any built-in video playing features, and if you're using a third party plugin, the plugin could be causing the problem.

  • well....i use this video plugin

    and iplay webm videos

    When i compile the app with node-webkit it work perfectly on pc and on mac that dont run at all

    when i open the Info.plist i found this



    in my office we have Macs osx with 10.8.0 versions so its not our osx systems.

  • This happens for me also, with no unofficial plugins at all.

  • Well its a problem if Ashley or others official creators, can't create or no have time for developping a Video plugin, its a big problem.

    i have to develop multimedia apps, for pc-mac-linux who use videos and interactive objects like buttons.

    it is a solution???

  • imothep85 I don't think it's the video plugin as my project also had the same problem on a mac.

  • thats what im thinking too, under pc my app works fine, that means if the compiled app works on pc, its no reason for the app not working under osx.

    and the webm its a standard video format now, used in almost every platform, like vimeo,youtube etc etc.

    on pc and mac webm videos can be read with vlc without problem

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  • SOLUTION FOUND (for Ashley) so we have tester everything

    Under MAC OSX LEOPARD, SNOW LEOPARD, the DMG compiled file with construct2 file dont work at all.

    BUT UNDER mac osx LION, the DMG app works perfeclty.

    It is possible to correct that, i think its something missing in the node-webkit exporter, who cant make an app working under snow leopard and leopard.

  • Makes sense. Lion is the newer one, I guess?

  • I hope Ashley is going to read this post and find a solution for that

  • Did you try macgap for mac export?

  • We're updating to node-webkit in the next beta which hopefully will go some way to solving this. Did anyone get a response from node-webkit?

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