Node-Webkit Build Crashing in Steam

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  • I was having some issues where my Windows build was crashing when i ran it from a published Steam build, but not when i ran it as an exe on my desktop.

    It seems when i published the build it needed to have a "locales" folder in with the other node-webkit stuff (in the root where the app.exe file is). Once i put the 'locales' folder in the same folder, it no longer crashed. It seems the 'locales' folder is created when you run the node-webkit exe the first time so it must need that to run i guess. Just a warning to run your game FIRST before you publish the files to a new Steam build. Or maybe Ashley can just create a 'locales' folder when building the node-webkit stuff out.

    This didnt affect Mac/Linux, only windows.


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  • Just noticed that this 'locales' folder used to be in the exporters/node-webkit/win32 folder by default -- is it possible to get this again in a future build Ashley?

  • actually nevermind, it was included in the old folder, and the new folder, but it doesnt come across for some reason, no big.

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