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  • i have asked here, on the google group, on the githbut, to the developer of node-webkit, but no one respond, so my question is, if the node-webkit is not developed by the construct2 team, and if its no one following and updating-correcting the node-webkit, what kind of good solution that extenion, can add to costruct2???

    the problem (bug)about the node webkit is big, and no one care??

    its really wierd....

  • Huh? Witch bug?

  • Under MAC OSX LEOPARD, SNOW LEOPARD, the DMG compiled file with construct2 file dont work at all.

    BUT UNDER mac osx LION, the DMG app works perfeclty.

    the respons was from the construct2 developer, he dont made the node webkit, well...i understand, but that dont give a solution.

    and in the node-webkit forums on google groups, and github, you can read how much bugs need to be corrected....

  • It's not that nobody cares - I certainly do - it's just that unfortunately, Scirra has to decide whether to give this awesome functionality even though they won't be in control of its development, as opposed to not giving it at all. I certainly prefer the former, even though it means we are reliant on a third party to fix bugs. The only thing to do is approach the people responsible for Node - one of them has been on these forums at one time or another, in fact.

  • node-webkit is actively developed by Roger Wang at the Intel Open Source development center. Software development is hard and both of us have to deal with hundreds of bug reports, so you should be patient and allow time for the developers to get round to your issue and properly investigate it. A new version of node-webkit should be out soon as well, which hopefully will help fix it. In the mean time you can help the developers by making sure your bug report is as clear, concise and helpful as possible, allowing the developer to reproduce and investigate the problem with minimum effort.

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  • Thanks Ashley :D

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