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  • Dunno if this question been asked before(didn't find it) but seems like C2 adds WAV files along with ogg and m4a when exporting to exe.

    Why not add an audio export option?

    I mean what if I don't want to export WAVs but wanna keep them in project or I don't wanna export m4a too and leave just ogg files so I could make builds smaller?

    .exe builds do not require m4a, right? That would be great for other platforms too and though it's necessary to include both m4a and ogg I still wanna be able to choose if I wanna release an online demo only for particular browsers(to be honest, I'm a Chrome browser fanboy).

    What do you think?

  • You can delete files manually in Online export, but I'm not sure about Node.

  • .wav files are not exported with any platform, they're there as "sources" in case you want to re-encode your audio to a different quality. In node-webkit, since it uses the Chrome engine which can play Ogg Vorbis, we only export the .ogg files and do not export any .wav or .m4a files at all.

  • Ashley, I understand .wav is not included when exporting to mobile and HTML5(right?), it's just, you know, every time I export via node-webkit I get a 124 mb folder where Win version is 55mb and Mac is even 68, I suspect .wav files and m4a files are included in the exported build cause Win version is almost same size as my project. When exporting to HTML5 I get a 13mb folder and after deleting m4a files it even gets to 8.9 mb.

    Are you sure everything's alright?

    Tell me if I'm required to provide my pc info or the project itself please, what if it's a bug or something else?

    Anyone having same problem here?

  • I think node-webkit adds 13mb over the size of your project because it's a browser that has to run your game.

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  • Nemo I think you misunderstood me a bit. When I export to HTML5 I get a 13mb folder with HTML5 game which is perfectly fine but when I export to standalone(win, osx) I get a 55 mb folder(it's a "Win" folder) which is not ok.

    Guess I'll have to move .wav files to some other folder just to keep em in case, seems like it's the only workaround for me right now.

    EDIT: strange, removing .wav files doesn't work, even after saving and restarting.

    EDIT2: tried creating a new project, export, BAH - 108MB!!! Something is definitely wrong either with my pc or with C2 but it's not a sound problem(what a relief).

    EDIT3: checked original node-webkit from and decided to check original .exe size - gah how could I miss the fact node-webkit .exe is 33 mb itself!!!

    My apologies, gentlemen, guess there's no problem anymore! And sorry, Nemo, haven't read your post carefully!

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