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    I got a call from Nintendo yesterday.

    They said they received my application for development for the eShop on the WiiU. You can imagine my JOY when I saw the 425 area code appear on my phone (I'm from Washington; I even worked at, not for, Nintendo as a beta tester for Wii Fit). Immediately, I knew they were calling about my application.

    After the phone call and getting all set up in the WiiU developers forum, I informed another friend - already a developer for WiiU via Construct 2 - and he was telling me about the less-than-optimal performance of HTML5 on the WIiU, namely due to lack of WebGL support. Despite my slowly growing knowledge and understanding of all these snazzy features and plugins and whatnot, I'm more than aware of my ignorance on these things. I have a LOT of studying to do...

    So, I guess what I'm writing here about is to ask for your input about your experiences so far. What pointers can you give about WebGL (or lack thereof) issues. Alternatives. TIps. And so on. I understand that the WiiU supports Unity-made games, too. So, it'll be time to start branching out into other game editors... (But I LOVE C2!!!)

    Anything you can offer, I'm sure, will be of valuable help. Thanks.

    A small advice for you: What happens in Nintendo remains in Nintendo

    You don't really have what to do except to try and make a similar effect/alternative that would work in directCanvas ... And for the speed, that platform should support a lot of sprites onscreen at once. If your game still is slow, try different workarounds...

    And yes, this bites since I use Mode 7 Effect in my game ... Maybe I could make something similar using R0J0hound's Paster/Canvas Plugin or Spriter ...

    tgeorgemihai - Noted. Thanks.

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    Yeah, the lack of webgl was stated elsewhere, I can't imagine WiiU going anywhere good until it gets it (if it ever does).

    It's akin to taking an Olympic runner and putting a stone in his shoe...

    No wibbly wobbly effects, slow and steady...

    Closing this thread: remember all Wii U developes have signed an NDA, and I think this thread will serve as a temptation to break the NDA. Nintendo run a forum that only their approved developers who have signed the NDA can access, so that is a safe and much better place to discuss this topic.

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