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    They say, "NiDIUM was not designed to replace or compete with browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Instead, it was designed to handle what's coming : the fusion of desktop applications, mobile applications and next-generation webapps."

    That new browser engine doesn't read HTML and CSS, it builds app from WebGL and Canvas.

  • This looks absolutely amazing.

  • updated

    What do you think?

  • Pointless until the majority of users install Nidium for apps to flourish.

    The chance of them doing that? Not very high with Google pushing Chrome so hard and Apple resisting anything non Safari.

  • Nidium is not standard browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. They say create native apps using javascript.

  • I thought it was a browser to run apps.. well, so its a novel JS app-engine??

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  • It's more like another CocoonJS including desktop platform such as linux and mac while they have alpha build, I'm not sure about windows version.

  • Hope they do a better job than CocoonJS!

    At least now the field is getting busy with competitors. More companies solving the same problem = good for us game devs on C2.

  • I think I am better of with google and internet explo or firefox thanks

  • I haven't read the entire thing or watched the videos, but from the looks of it, it seems like a tool to build desktop apps using web technology without the DOM and CSS (e.g. the worst parts of the web).

    If that's the case, it could open the door to customizable tools. I'm going to go ahead and say that I would love to see the construct 2 IDE built on top of something like that. Imagine building editor plugins in javascript instead of C++? For light tools (that means everything but image/3D/video editing and data analysis), this looks like the way of the future.

    We'd get mac/linux versions automatically, Ashley would only need to maintain one language (unless the exporter is kept in c++) and performance wouldn't ever be an issue because who the hell needs beefy computers to run construct 2?

    The only thing I'd miss is to be able to use prebuilt UI components like jQueryUI.

  • I don't see what it would do that node-webkit doesn't do already.

  • If it's as good as node-webkit, then it might be good option for a Linux export (although maybe I should just look for tutorial on how to get node to work on linux, haha).

  • If it doesn't support the DOM, then it won't be as good as node-webkit, because parts of the C2 engine still uses the DOM (form controls, XML parsing, letterbox fullscreen etc).

  • I have seen the comments about Nidium, they say that nidium include GUI toolkit as replacement for DOM element such as form, video, etc.

    And other thing about node-webkit doesnt enable webgl renderer on some computers, however they say could use opengl on nidium

  • FYI there is an XML parser. And I say again even it there wasn't. They aren't hard to fill into a js object.

    I also noticed too many people not actually reading what niDIUm was. That's too bad. Let us just see where the tech goes for now. If this offers a nodewebkit like wrapping, but is full cross platform. It could weigh in a lot better than most others. However not counting the XMl parsing there are still others missing like WebRTC.

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