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  • Now that the PS4 and Xbox One have been officially announced, do we know if they will support html5?

    Sony, with the PS4, really seems like they are going to do whatever they can to support indie developers. It would be awesome for folks using construct 2 to be able to easily get their games onto the Console.

    Is it possible for a proper/official exporter to be built for XBox One or Ps4? Or would the game have to be ported over using some kind of a wrapper?

  • Xbox One doesn't allow self-publishing until you deal with Microsoft Studio.

    We only know Wii U support HTML5 (not as 100%), PS4 I'm not sure.

    Scirra is waiting to Nintendo's response to include Wii U exporter.

  • So far only Nintendo is supporting game capable WebKit, but Joannesalfa has pointed Nintendo isn't really being very open with Scirra at all. Why, I have no idea. Doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Maybe because Scirra doesn't have anygames?

    As for the 4One, the Webkit for both of those as I understand do not include many of the advanced Canvas or minimal features C2 requires.

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  • News from Microsoft implies win 8 apps will be able to run on the Xbox one.

    Don't know what this means about needing a publisher though, or if this is basically the new Xbox live indie games free for all area.

  • Well good news then. I guess that leaves Sony the odd hardware out.I really don't hunt down news on these consoles any more. They are far too iterative and don't offer anything to the game industry except XGame 4. Most of my news mostly comes from this site NOW :D

    So thanks for the tip :)

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