What next for Construct 2?

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    Honestly i wish you'd stop adding Multiplayer to these polls, it always wins and the answer is always its to difficult and impractical right now, so why do it?

    You know it's not the right time for it and those votes could have been used to promote a different choice, as those who want multiplayer might not want the second favourite on the list as an alternative answer.

    You may as well have added the option of 3D or native .exe support.

    I voted for a debugger. Yes, if I only want to trace variables I use textBox or Chrome console, but the real benefit of using a debugger is to step through events one by one and see the state of the SOL and variables at a specific moment in time.

    I really don't like the way search function works in C2. I want to see all the events, not filter them, instead I want my keyword highlighted.

    Also a good option will be to highlight all the instances of the object or variable on which i clicked.

    I had almost give up on C2 only 1 month after purchase for the lack of a debugger, but now I see that Scirra team is working real hard to satisfy most of us.

    I voted for a debugger. Yes, if I only want to trace variables I use textBox or Chrome console, but the real benefit of using a debugger is to step through events one by one and see the state of the SOL and variables at a specific moment in time.

    THIS. Exactly this. Why this isn't already #1 on the priority list eludes me.

    Debugger gets My vote, pretty essential in all but the most basic projects...with Modularity features a close second...

    Will all the lurkers stop voting multiplayer please?

    Anyone who thinks they gonna make the next C.O.D in C2 is dreaming...

    a perspective like camera would be awesome, kinda like in dontstarvegame.com

    Just imagine this effect in RPG games

    Stop complaining about ppl that vote for multiplayer <.<

    It's listed and ppl can vote for it and everyone may speak for oneself.

    I`d like to see more complex physics and animation options :)

    Geez, what's with all the multiplayer votes? It's going to be very difficult to implement, and who knows how good any sort of implementation is going to be. I personally think that should wait.

    Modularity and debugging are certainly high on my list, though I do recommend tile map support, which I voted for. Support for the most widely-used tilemapping editors would go a long, long way, and as well, Tiled recently implemented a Terrain tool, which enables easy transitions between types of tiles (water, sand, grass, dirt, stone, etc). As someone who works with tiles, tilemap support would be an absolute godsend.

    I'd definitely say tilemaps, debugging and modularity should be done first. Multiplayer can come much, much later.

    zyblade, did you really just protect the right to vote by denouncing freedom of speech?

    People are free to vote on whatever they want, but that doesn't protect them from having their votes and opinions challenged. Pretty sure that's the point of a forum.

    Dont know if its part of the minor things you want to add, but otherwise the ability to create a specific object in a family would be a really nice improvement.

    All the ideas sounds cool, but have to go with the debugger.

    Begging not to vote for something is senseless to me(they already voted anyway). Putting more effort into explaining their choice(like the most do) would be a lot more effective.

    When it comes to the situation the Debugger/IDE and Modularity/MP/Tilemap all comes down to the type of support. Improve current support on a technical level or continue efforts to grow a community. Technical improvement only really help the upstream developers which is a smaller group of people. Where as community features help the whole.

    Do we need a debugger now. No, should a debugger be soon on the list yes. Personal order of implementation that I think would support Scirra best.

    * Stronger highering efforts :D

    * Modularity

    Reduce the barrier and increase plugin development.

    * Tilemap(elements that bridge different communities)

    I don't see it. But there is TMX creators on the web. This leveraged an already existing tool and community. This would lean support from other TMX game makers to look at C2 more. More tools and communities to intermingle the better that strengthens our community. I will add that the pathing system be added with this one :D

    * Debugger

    * IDE improvements

    * Multiplayer

    I want this in the number one position. But all the other prior factors would make this one better as a down the road plan.

    * Platform support


    Your on a developer forum. :D

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    That's an interesting approach, Please correct me if I'm wrong, but essentially what you're saying is that Scirra would benefit from adding in more features which would pull in more customers, in turn generating more revenue and allowing them to hire more people to improve the overall offering for everyone. A solid outlook, and one that I can't argue with on a "make cash now" level.

    On a "make cash later" level, however, I really think that improving the existing offering and catering to the established customer base offers a more sustainable and organic form of growth. By catering to those people who have already paid their dollars, a healthy community is nurtured which a) brings in new customers by word of mouth, and b) brings in revenue from future projects (Construct 3 and/or paid-for assets (think of Unity's asset store), etc.). I don't know what's more beneficial to the customers and Scirra; I guess a lot of weighing up and number crunching/projections would be in order.

    Definitely an interesting perspective, though.

    Seems to me "Modularity features" would actually encompass some of the other poll features including multiplayer. :P

    Not sure if "debugger" would fit in there, but I think the best scenario for that would be a separate custom preview, perhaps some variation of node-webkit.

    I mean that's all node-webkit is when you think about it.

    My question is how much access would "Modularity features" give to the sdk if it were implemented?

    I rather wonder why is multiplayer added when its clear that its a popular feature and yet scirra cant handle it...atleast it is so claimed and been already turned down last time when it had the highest votes

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