What next for Construct 2?

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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!

    Yeah aside from modular features i vote too for proper text support with sprite fonts. Web fonts are not suited for games imo.

    I vote modular and slowly adopt into simple 3d.

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    In my opinion, a debugger/profiler should come far before multiplayer or any complex feature like that. It helps already made projects and the ones to come, especially when mobiles are the targets.

    Modularity sounds nice but since it's a more abstract feature i think more explicit features could be made faster or more easily.

    Sounds like it could have it's own poll. Or could be added in mini updates.

    The most needed feature, along a debugger/profiler to me, it's a more focused atention into microtransactions on the most popular platforms (iso/android/windows phone). Similar to the level reached with windows 8.

    I think that close the circle better for us as developers.

    Then, with a foundation that works good enough at development times and also at release times you could add more features like multiplayer and the like.

    Well, that's my two cents (I never liked that expresion ;) )

    I think performance is terrible right now in Construct 2. I get 12 FPS on my game using HTML5 on my tablet and Chrome's browser. Does framerate really improve much using 3rd party export options?

    I Voted for porting to other operating systems. I recently started using a Chromebook for normal day to day use and having a Linux version of Construct would be fantastic.

    Seeing as how I'm not currently working on a tilebased game, I'll abstain from voting on that. Modularity gets my vote since it'd probably boost productivity within the community in addition to the good people coding plugins.

    I do think multiplayer is a worthwile endeavour, however I also think it's a) not the right time and b) more timeconsuming to create from scratch than people think. Netcode is always a hassle, no exceptions.

    I would like to place a suggestion for multiplayer up for discussion, though. I'm at best speaking as a player in regards to online multiplayer. Aside from the knowledge that it's a very difficult subject, I know little of how netcode actually works.

    With that said, what about GGPO?

    Like I said, I don't know the inner workings of netcode and as such I don't know if it's applicable to C2/HTML5. But I do know that GGPO is tried and true and works on peer-to-peer, instead of using straight up servers.

    Some other things on my mind in regards to the future of C2.

    The topic of streaming content and/or seamless layout transitions, has been brought up before. Here for example: Linky.

    That thread is two years old and I feel compelled to ask: what is the situation on that subject?

    And last a simple suggestion. It would be great if selecting an object in the Z-order bar would switch the properties bar to that objects properties in the same fashion that selecting an object in the project bar does just that.

    I voted 'something else' but maybe I should have voted modularity? Anyhows, I'd like some more low-level control, like having project settings modifiable through the event system.

    I would have picked modularity, but a debugger seems more essential and more immediately useful. That gets my vote!

    Nearly all the features I wanted are in now. I just need better node-webkit now, and some 3D things to play around with would be cool.

    Fist thanks for this poll ^^

    I voted for the reference search, because it's a shame there's no vote for it yet. As much as I'd love a full debugger, a better control over the references could be something quite efficient already.

    Like some other people said, multiplayer and other big features are going to be great to have for sure, but maybe the development could focus before a bit on the IDE, usability and workflow for the moment.

    I would also support modularity and other platforms (one day I hope to be able go back to linux with all my softwares...)

    I'm going to dropkick all these multiplayer voters. (I'll wear flip-flops, so it doesn't hurt quite as much, but you still get the point)

    Yes it would be great to have multiplayer, but you have to weigh it against what you'd NOT be getting! We might be able to get 2-3-4 of these other features in place of all the time spent on trying to hack together a multiplayer plugin. Please think about that before you vote.

    I really, really want the multiplayer. However, I cast my vote for modularity. The reason I vote for this is because the modularity will be far more valuable as an infrastructure. For C2 overall, the community and best of all for multiplayer down the road.

    Having C2 created plugins, exhangable Sheets and so many other community yummy's will make every better overall.

    Being able to share say a touch analog dual object is way better than sharing the capx. being able to pop in such features major community bonus.

    So with modularity structure in place. It will be far easier for the community to support multiplayer. Though that doesn't change I would rather have MP :D

    I don't understand all of the kids voting for multiplayer. I doubt they've even created a game that would even take advantage of it.

    Why isn't debugger #1 on this? Come on now, all the other features are nice, but there is no reason why the debugger, which would increase productivity, create less headaches, and decrease the number of people giving up on C2, isn't getting the most votes.

    Is everyone making super-simple games?! The debugger is THE most important possible feature in my opinion.

    Well, if multiplayer is complicated, it will not happen in next beta update.

    I agree with Excal about debugger.

    I don't prioritize a debugger as it's not hard to make one yourself. That doesn't include the stepping, however...

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