Any news on a step-through debugger?

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  • It's been two months since I last touched C2 (took a break after a tornado hit my house in May) and even though I've saved my developer notes on my projects, opening them up and trying to get started on fixing bugs I noted two months ago is incredibly painful.

    My case may be somewhat of a special one, but I do recall a poll several months ago asking what feature users wanted most. Debugger may not have made #1 but it definitely is a feature C2 needs. Is there any word on any sort of progress on this?

    It would definitely help us get our programs running faster :D

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  • The browser plugin has been added a "log" action, which allows you to send data directly to the browser's console. I can't remember exactly when it was added and if it was already in two months ago or not.

    It's not yet a step-through debugger, but it's helpful anyway.

    You might also want to have a look through the changelogs of each versions you "missed" since, a lot of improvements/bug fixes/changes have been made in various areas which might help you too.

  • The 'log' action seems interesting, but it feels painful to log lots of actions in this way when a step-through debugger could be used.

    I've definitely looked through the updates since the last time I touched C2 and the line-of-sight behavior definitely seems the most interesting at this point.

    Bookmarking seems like a great way to mark aspects of the project as 'to-dos' for later or for marking certain sections as potential causes for a bug that's going on.

    I am mainly seeking an official developer response on any sort of debugger progress.

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