New... feeling 'cheated'....and confused!

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  • Hi, So I brought Construct 2 as I do NOT want a subscription based program! The advertising lead me to believe i can build for android with no extra purchases, yet it seems from what i have found so far, this is not the case! i hope I am wrong!

    I dont want Construct 3 / cloud based exporting or anything where i have to rely on a company/website 'lasting the duration' in order for me to publish and APK! why is there simply not and export apk option (or a standalone exporter) for construct 2?

    So far, i have not been able to find a 'one click' export option for building an apk and feel this STRONGLY goes against the idea of buying program targeted at beginners, It now looks like i am having to learn Android Studio/coding or subscribe to some kind of web/cloud based service just to use this darn program!...I am BEGINNER remember!!, at least thats what the sales/website lead me to believe...a SIMPLE process/easy all in one solution for multiple platforms. I sincerely hope someone can correct me (Happy to 'eat my hat' and say sorry, my mistake!) but so far its been about finding a way to export an apk outside of Construct 2 rather than being about using it and having FUN!

    I simply want to build (locally) apps and let my kids test them on their android tablets but copying the apk to the device!...its just a hobby for me and the kids, so why subscribe to a service just for that when i am making no money off this/its harmless fun!...or meant to be!

  • They sold it at a time when there used to be a free exportation option.

    For now try and not think about it and enjoy learning the engine and worry about exportation later but DO get ready for it and prepare your Advils.

    C2 is every bit as good as they say it is.

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  • Hi MPPlantOfficial, Thanks for the reply, but has not really helped with being 'mislead' and does not solve the problem of why i brought this program! For making games my kids can play on their tablets...not to become a games developer...looks like i will be going back to Unity and seriously feel i deserve a refund!

    but like i say, thanks for the reply.

  • Well try to think of things in a positive light. Technically you bought an engine to make 3 games for your kids to play.

    2 exported using Cocoon JS and 1 exported using PhoneGap.

    If you want a 4th game then you may start feeling cheated again. : )

  • £80 to export 3 games!.... Well thats hardly 'value for money' or goes in line with the way it was advertised on the website!... I feel this will escalate!

  • £80 to export 3 games!.... Well thats hardly 'value for money' or goes in line with the way it was advertised on the website!... I feel this will escalate! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

    Well it could've been way way WAY worse. ... 12th-march

    You'd have paid more if you'd bought the license 4 days later.

  • GEEEZZZ!!!! Think this is a job for trading standard/false advertising!

  • Dude,

    it is like one extra step to build a debug apk , just drag and drop your cordova file into

    and also, if it is just for your kids to play your apps then you have instant preview over lan on any device no building apps necessary

  • Hi NetOne, Many thanks for replying <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    Well I am still left with 'hoping' that the process does not change, and there is no OFFLINE solution..what if becomes unavailable? I am grateful for your reply and will look further in to this but still feel there should be an offline/built in process given the claims made that lead to me deciding to buy this program!

    What if i want to make an apk when these options are no longer available? Dont think i got what i paid for at all at the moment, but until i find an offline solution to build an apk file when ever (and for how ever long) i like i cant see this being anything other than a waste of money (already stretched budget) and seriously effect my wanting to do something fun for my kids <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

  • Build services are complicated and expensive to run. This is why all build services charge a subscription. It's simply not economical to provide a pay-once, use-forever build server.

    Having said that, some third-party services have a free plan - try PhoneGap Build for example. It's really easy to use, just zip and upload.

    If you are determined to have a free option with no limits that works offline, you can use the Cordova CLI, but it's more complicated. The linked documentation will help you get started though.

    Construct 3 has one-click build to APK included as part of the subscription, so you do get that with C3. Since it's a subscription, it's economical for us to offer the build service as part of that. You also get an entire game development IDE with it, for less than the cost of some build services alone.

  • GEEEZZZ!!!! Think this is a job for trading standard/false advertising!

    I agree 100%. Pure bait and switch. The C2 export to "Android" was false advertising. If a company lists a feature (and the license is lifetime), THEY should support it and not RELY on 3rd party tools. If they can't support the feature, offer a full refund.

    I want a refund, but will probably get the thread locked instead.

  • First of all please allow me to explain a little... Thank you for your reply Ashley

    I dont get to see my children much and when i do i like to do things that are fun/help me bond with them, hence my passion to resolve this so please excuse my frustration!

    Given that c3 is currently the same price as c2 (for a few days) do you think in order to 'keep everyone happy' you could arrange 'cancelling' my purchase of c2 and arrange a 1 yr sub to c3 instead? Based on the fact that this was not very clear upon purchase in my book? Maybe mention this in the c2 sales page in the future?

    I wish to have (and be) a positive experience here but also want/need to achieve my goal around my children

    Once again, thank you for your reply

  • Holding out in hope they sort this for me as was looking forward to being a positive member here

  • I like to make games because its fun, It gives me energy, and its a great way to stay in shape.

    Not to belittle anyone's purchases...

  • We all have different reasons bud, the main thing is we do it because we enjoy it and help each other in our 'communities', learn & grow

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