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  • Hi...I'm new here and have a general question about developing an app with C2.

    Will the final app be in one file which I can install on a touchpad? Does it run in my browser?

    I plan on starting out by writing a simple calculator-style app which I want to use on a Playbook touchpad.

    To be honest, I've read a lot of the tutorials and I'm still having trouble doing the simplest of things. I found a tutorial on a calculator app but the code wasn't available for me to study it. (It is located on another website which requires you to register.)

    I'm trying to learn text entry using buttons for numbers (like in a calculator) and drag and drop behavior.

    Thanks in advance.

  • By touch pad, do you mean like a tablet or a smartphone? If so, then you have to add the "touch" attribute to your game by double clicking the layout. Then you can go to you're event sheet and start building your game! Also, if you have the full version of C2 (standard OR business) then you can preview your game on a wireless network. Also, export your game as a phone gap project to be able to put it on the android, apple, and windows app stores.

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  • I plan on using the app on my BlackBerry Playbook tablet. I don't plan on offering this to the public as I'm using it as a learning experience (maybe when I get better lol). So I will be installing it only on my device for now.

    EDIT: I've done some additional reading and as I understand it, I have to upload my project to a website and then download the executable app. Is this correct? When I export a project it creates a whole bunch of files. I don't think this is what I'm installing on my Playbook.

  • the apps/games only run in browsers. the files exported you have to have hosted somewhere online then you point a browser to that hosted location and use the app/game. There is no downloading to any device

  • Hum actualy wether you export as HTML5 web app or phone app your game will have to be downloaded.

    You have two ways to test on your phone.

    Either through the phone's browser, accessing the url where your HTML5 game is hosted or download an exported/converted native app for mobiles.

    For the second option read the tutorial on how to make native apps.

    Whatever your choice of exported project is and for testing purpose you can upload your game to dropbox, it's free, add-free and a simple and only click for the end user.

    You can also check those other publishing options that sumarize all the possibilities C2 provides you with.

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