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  • Hello - I'm new and just evaluating Construct 2, I'm not a gamer (sorry to say that here!!) but really interested in building other types of interactions for training purposes with this tool.

    So far I'm very impressed with Construct 2 and motivated to do more. I've just completed the 'Beginners Guide to Construct 2' tutorial 'Ghoster Shooter' by Ashley (well written, Ashley!) and have run the game embedded within another html5 application.

    It bogged down however, and seized up, which I might have expected from Flash but not html5. I'm wondering if the system 'ticks' at 60 per second is doing this... I don't see a way to reduce the ticks but I might be missing how. I'm a bit concerned that this is a very simple game with no sound being used and it seems to be starving the memory. Is there anything I can do to try to reduce the memory issues?



  • What device did the game bog down on?

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  • I was just testing on a desktop computer, the game was running inside (embedded) in an HTML5 elearning app page. Everything is normally fast on this machine.


  • What exactly do you mean is happening? Does it slow down over time or is it always slow? Is that the case in real web browsers or just this "e-learning app"?

    Perhaps you could share your .capx because sometimes beginners make mistakes which produce memory leaks and slow down the game over time. Nothing to do with HTML5, just an ordinary coding mistake.

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